Notecard Cell + WiFi (NB)
Notecard Cell + WiFi (NB)
Notecard Cell + WiFi (NB)

Notecard Cell + WiFi (NB)

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 Blues has expanded its line of Notecards to include a suite of coverage options so you can tailor the device to your use case.

With this expansion, you can select a device that provides either wideband (CAT-1) or narrowband (CAT-M and NB-IoT) connectivity paired with a Global, North American, or European regional coverage model.

To add to this dramatically increased coverage, we’ve included a dual-embedded SIM option that can expand coverage to additional countries and more coverage in those countries while giving you improved reliability and carrier support.

But no matter which device you use, you’ll still experience the same unmatched engineering experience, and have free access to Notehub to route your data to the cloud.


For evaluation purposes, the Notecard is meant to be used with Notecarrier. See the Notecarriers section of the shop for options.


  • LTE Cat-M + WiFi Notecard SoM (on-board SIM, no external SIM required)
  • LTE-M + WiFi, NB-IoT, GSM Notecard SoM (on-board SIM, no external SIM required)


  • Embedded SIM with pre-provisioned network access
  • Onboard ultra-low-power ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU with 2MB Flash 
  • High-performance 3-axis accelerometer and temp sensor
  • Regulator ensures consistent draw over battery, solar, or USB
  • High-performance cellular and GNSS/GPS module 
  • Secure element with embedded keys and certificates


  • NOTE-NBNAW — LTE Cat-M + WiFi  - North America
  • NOTE-NBGLW — LTE Cat-M + WiFi - Global

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