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Starnote requires the Notecarrier XS, the companion Notecarrier to Starnote and Notecard, providing a platform for prototyping with Satellite failover. The best way to get started with Starnote is by purchasing a Starnote Starter Kit

Add satellite failover to any cellular or Wi-Fi Notecard-based solution for $49 with data and no monthly fees.

Starnote is an affordable satellite IoT backup device that, much like the Notecard does with cellular, includes satellite uplink and downlink data with the cost of the device, in partnership with Skylo. Starnote offers a JSON-based programing interface consistent with the Notecard, providing developers with access to yet another major Radio Access Technology (RAT) using straightforward, accessible semantics.

Starnote is a Notecard accessory that is intended to disrupt the conventional wisdom that using satellite requires a high hardware investment (in the hundreds of dollars), and monthly device fees even when devices aren’t communicating with satellites.

As an accessory, Starnote is not a Notecard. It is meant to be used with the Notecard, and works with Cellular, Cell+WiFi, and WiFi. From a developer’s point of view, Starnote operates as an additional available RAT for the Notecard. A developer uses the Notecard API to specify in the Notecard’s mode of operations when to fallback to Satellite and the Notecard handles communications between itself and Starnote.

Available Variations

  • Onboard Satellite and GPS Antennas

  • u.FL Connectors with Provided External Antennas

Key Starnote Specs

  • JSON-based API for configuration and communication with the Notecard

  • M.2 Key E connector for board-to-board usage and a six-pin JST for wire-to-board applications

  • Available with onboard satellite and GPS antennas or external via u.FL connectors

  • NTN-capable satellite modem with zero-touch configuration.

  • Bundled with 18KB of satellite data from Skylo.

  • No satellite provider subscriptions, fees, or monthly minimums apply.

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