Notecard WiFi
Notecard WiFi

Notecard WiFi

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Spend your time and resources building game-changing applications and products, not wrangling with connectivity.

Blues has designed its Notecard to be easily embedded into any project through an M.2 edge key E connector and out-of-the-box compatibility with a wide range of microcontrollers from an 8-bit Arduino to 32-bit ESP32, STM32, or any major single-board computer platform.

By bundling everything you need into a single device, we’ve given you a massive head start on moving your connected physical product from ideation to full-scale production.

For evaluation purposes, the Notecard is meant to be used with Notecarrier. See the Notecarriers section of the shop for options.


  • Wi-Fi Notecard SoM


  • JSON- and SoftAP-based provisioning support
  • Onboard ultra-low power ESP32 MCU with 8MB flash
  • High-performance 3-axis accelerometer and temp sensor
  • View the complete datasheet at