3 Cell AA Battery Holder

3 Cell AA Battery Holder

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This battery holder from Keystone Electronics will help you power your project with 3 AA batteries (in series). The holder is terminated in PCB-friendly through-hole PC pins and can be mounted to a custom PCB or any of our Notecarriers.

Notecarrier-A users please note: If you solder this AA holder onto the Notecarrier-A using the obvious location on the Notecarrier, placing batteries in the holder AND plugging it into USB at the same time will attempt to charge the batteries (if their voltage goes lower than 4.2V). Our recommendation to battery-power a Notecarrier-A design is to attach the batteries to the V+ connector, which avoids conflict between the batteries and charger. Alternatively, you can simply choose to not use USB and AA batteries simultaneously.

Key Specs

  • Manufacturer: Keystone Electronics
  • Battery Type: Cylindrical
  • Battery Cell Size: AA
  • Mounting Type: PCB, Through Hole
  • Termination Style: PC Pin

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