Notecarrier B

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Notecarriers are companion development boards designed to make it easy to prototype and deploy IoT solutions with the Notecard.

Notecarrier B is a small form-factor Notecarrier, only slightly larger than the Notecard itself. Unlike other Notecarriers, the Notecarrier B does not include an external SIM slot.

Included is a flexible Molex 209142 antenna for use with either LTE or GPS. If you require a dual LTE/GPS antenna, we recommend adding on the flexible LTE+GPS antenna (or you may choose to use your own preferred antenna).

Notecarriers require a Notecard to function. The Notecarrier B is compatible with all available Notecards. See the Notecards section for more details or get started with a Blues Starter Kit.

Available Variations

  • Notecarrier B with Pre-soldered Headers (Datasheet)
  • Notecarrier B with Loose Header Pins (Datasheet)

Key Notecarrier B Specs

  • Notecard M.2 Key E connector socket and mounting screw receptacle.
  • 2-Pin JST PH connecter for LiPo battery power support.
  • 1 Qwiic/StemmaQT I2C port for attaching external peripherals.
  • Dip switch for using active or passive GPS/GNSS antenna.

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