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Notecarriers are companion development boards designed to make it easy to prototype and deploy IoT solutions with the Notecard.

The Notecarrier F is a carrier board designed for quick prototyping with Adafruit Feather-based microcontrollers. It can be used with any Feather-compatible device and includes Qwiic ports for connecting I2C peripherals.

Included is a flexible Molex 209142 antenna for use with either LTE or GPS. If you require a dual LTE/GPS antenna, we recommend adding on the flexible LTE+GPS antenna (or you may choose to use your own preferred antenna).

Notecarrier F also features a switch to enable Notecard Outboard Firmware Update. This capability supports "over the air" firmware updates and does not involve firmware running on the host MCU directly.

Notecarriers require a Notecard to function. The Notecarrier F is compatible with all available Notecards. See the Notecards section for more details or get started with a Blues Starter Kit.

Available Variations

  • Notecarrier F with Pre-soldered Headers (Datasheet)
  • Notecarrier F with Loose Header Pins (Datasheet)

Key Notecarrier F Specs

  • Adafruit Feather-compatible header socket.
  • Breadboard-compatible Notecard 13-pin header.
  • Breadboard-compatible 24-pin Adafruit Feather breakout header.
  • Notecard M.2 Key E connector socket and mounting screw receptacle.
  • Micro USB port to power Notecarrier and provide a USB Serial command interface to Notecard.
  • External Nano-SIM slot for use of an optional secondary SIM.
  • 2 Qwiic/StemmaQT I2C ports for attaching external peripherals.
  • JST PH connector for a LiPo battery.
  • JST PH connector for a solar panel.
  • JST PH connector for V+.
  • JST SH 3.3V I2C connector.
  • Battery slide switch to disconnect battery when not in use.
  • Front and back pin labels. 

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