Notecarrier R

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Add the Notecard to Arduino MKR and PRO boards with this slim Notecarrier!

Notecarriers are companion development boards designed to make it easy to prototype and deploy IoT solutions with the Notecard.

Notecarrier R is a small form-factor Notecarrier, only slightly larger than the Notecard itself. Unlike other Notecarriers, the Notecarrier R does not include an external SIM slot. It’s similar to the Notecarrier B, but we’ve swapped out the Qwiic on the B with an ESLOV connector common to many Arduino MKR and PRO Portena boards. ESLOV provides I2C pins, as well as an additional GPIO, which we’ve connected to the Notecard’s ATTN pin.

Included is a flexible Molex 209142 antenna for use with either LTE or GPS. If you require a dual LTE/GPS antenna, we recommend adding on the flexible LTE+GPS antenna (or you may choose to use your own preferred antenna).

Notecarriers require a Notecard to function. The Notecarrier R is compatible with all available Notecards. See the Notecards section for more details.

Available Variations

    Key Notecarrier R Specs

    • Notecard M.2 Key E connector socket and mounting screw receptacle.

    • 2-Pin JST PH connectors for LiPo battery power support.

    • 1 ESLOV port for attaching the Notecard to Arduino MKR or PRO boards.

    • DIP switch for using active or passive GPS/GNSS antenna.

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