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Scoop is designed to provide backup power and facilitate power management in a variety of applications. It features a large capacitor, two JST connectors, and four pairs of header pins for flexible connectivity.

The Scoop component can be powered via its charge connector or a pair of header pins, which accepts an input voltage of 4.8V-24V. The output connector can deliver a voltage in the range of 2.5V-3.8V, making it suitable for powering a wide range of devices.

Based on internal testing, Scoop is able to power up to approximately 20 on/off cellular connection cycles, or up to 240 minutes of a single cellular connection. Results may vary depending on the type of wireless coverage in the area and the amount and frequency of data being sent.

Key Scoop Specs

  • Capacitor: Lithium Ion 250F 3.8V -10% +30%
  • Connectors: JST PH 2P M SIDE ENTRY Surface Mount
  • Charge Connector: Accepts 4.8V-24V
  • Output Connector: Outputs 2.5V-3.8V
  • Header Pins: 4 pairs of header pins

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